Residence in Georgia

What types of residence permits are issued in Georgia?

The following types of residence permit are issued in Georgia:

Labor residence permit
issued for entrepreneurial or labor activities in accordance with the rule prescribed by the legislation of Georgia. It is also issued to freelancers.
Residence permit for study purposes
issued for the purpose of study at educational institutions accredited in Georgia.
Residence permit for family unification
issued to family members of an alien holding residence permit.
Residence permit of former Georgian citizen
issued to an alien whose Georgian citizenship is terminated.
Stateless person residence permit
issued to a person whose status of stateless person has been established in Georgia.
Special residence permit
issued to an alien who is reasonably supposed to be a victim of human trafficking or injured as a result of human trafficking in cases stipulated by the law of Georgia “On fighting human trafficking”, to an alien for whom a member of the Government of Georgia files a written application for temporary residence permit in Georgia; temporary residence permit is issued to an alien whom it is impossible to exile from Georgia in one of the following cases: a person is persecuted for political belief or an action that is not considered to be a crime in accordance with the legislation of Georgia; a person is persecuted for protection of human rights and freedom, progressive social, political, scientific and creative activity; life or health of a person is under threat or when the basis for deferment of exile of an alien is still valid after 30 days following deferment of exile or when a person cannot be identified or when none of the states consents to receive them.
Permanent residence permit
issued to a spouse, parent and child of a citizen of Georgia. Permanent residence permit is also issued to an alien who has been residing for the past 6 years based on temporary residence permit in Georgia. Residence in Georgia for study or medical treatment and employment at diplomatic and equivalent representative offices in Georgia is not included in this period.
Residence permit for investment purposes
issued to an alien who has made investment in Georgia amounting to at least GEL 300 000, in accordance with the law of Georgia “On supporting investment activity and guarantees”, as well as to their family members. For purposes of this subclause, spouse, underage child of an alien, legally incapable or disabled person dependent on the alien are considered to be family members of the alien.
Temporary residence permit
issued to an alien who has been assigned the status of a victim under the Law of Georgia “On Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection and Support of Victims of Domestic Violence”
Short-term residence permit
issued to an alien, under the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia, has the right of ownership of real property within the territory of Georgia (other than agricultural land) with its market value exceeding USD 35 000 equivalent in laris, and to his/her family members. To grant a short-term residence permit, the market value of the real property shall be established by a certified assessor of a body accredited by the Legal Entity under Public Law Unified National Accreditation Body – Accreditation Centre