15 Tb Abuseridze street/5 Phirosmani street

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The Complex includes 300-room hotel, casino, restaurant, nightclub, coffee house, beer bar, bowling hall, fitness center, spa, kindergarten, relaxing terrace, entertainment places, play areas for children, open pool.

The complex consists of two buildings of different architectural (shape) design.

The 1st and 2nd floors of the 22-storey building are for commercial use, the 3rd and 4th floors are intended for a 101-room hotel. Starting from the 5th floor there will be flats with a minimum area of 48 m² and maximum -68 m².

The cost per square meter in this building of the complex starts from 550$.

The first four floors of the second 35-storey building are commercial area. On the 5th and the rest upper floors there will be hotel type apartments:

Minimum area -30 m² and maximum- 80 m².

The prices in this building start from 650$.

Apart from a large scale of the URH-101 project, its main advantage is the conditions we create for you. One of the important details is underground parking lot.

Persons interested in buying commercial areas or apartments can take advantage of internal, interest and fee-free credit. This service will be available to the end of August, 2019.

One more detail making URH-101 really important – is our new service. The buyer of an apartment is automatically involved into business. Any owner of the apartment has opportunity to rent out his property and to suit your convenience the company can take over administrative issues.

The main thing that makes this complex especially attractive is its location. It is being built in the most progressive part of Batumi near New Boulevard, the House of Justice and Dancing fountains. New Boulevard is a visiting card of Batumi. The area of 6 kilometers was laid out in 2011 and, according to the recent reports, is the longest boulevard in Europe. There are path-walks and bicycle lanes along the whole magnificent coastline. Different types of restaurants and night clubs are also on the territory.

Those who are lazy to walk in boulevard or go to beach can enjoy their time right in the complex which includes almost all components for your relaxation.

Open pool on the terrace and A la Carte restaurants are at your service. So, the inhabitants of URH-101 will be able to rest, entertain and have maximum convenient living conditions.

The ready apartments have:

  • Lined outer facade;
  • Lined and painted entrance (overall areas) ;
  • Modern elevators installed; 2-2 passenger and freight elevators;
  • Ceiling height: 3m;
  • 1st and 2nd floors for commercial use;
  • Underground parking garage;
  • Ventilation channels;
  • Doors and windows installed: double glazing metal-plastic (or aluminum) ;
  • Lined balconies;
  • Entrance door installed (with wood or faux wood surface, door lock included) ;
  • Internal partition walls built according to the project; (additional works, e.g. arrangement of partition walls differently can be implemented on the basis of  a written agreement, for additional payment)
  • Central vertical discharge stacks installed;
  • Natural gas line laid up to apartment;
  • Water supply pipes installed up to apartment;
  • Electricity supply lines installed up to apartment (individual metering);
  • Cable television, telephone and internet lines installed up to apartment;
  • Surrounding area of the house resurfaced and beautified.


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