Member of the International Federation of Real Estate Consultants

The International Real Estate Federation is the only official and legal reference agency for real estate management, development, real estate valuation, estate and asset counseling in the world. It was founded in 1947 by Pierre Colleville in France, and in 1954 As a special adviser in the real estate sector, he became a member of…

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Germany Supports Georgia’s Sustainable Development Efforts

The representatives of Germany and Georgia signed a new financial agreement to spur sustainable development in the country. Within the new framework, over €253 million has been pledged by the German government to invest in projects which support rural and urban development. Georgia’s Finance Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze, expressed his gratitude and guarantees that the money…

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Economic Indicators of Georgia

he International Monetary Fund (IMF) praised Georgia for their positive economic indicators. According to the Ministry of Economy, First Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Dimitry Kumsishvili met with the Head of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission, Mercedes Vera-Martin and other members of the mission. The mission is currently carrying…

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initiative of the Prime Minister of Georgia

The EU welcomes the initiative of the Prime Minister of Georgia to “Steps towards better future”. The statement made by Federica Mogherini`s spokeperson says that the package of proposals received by the Government of Georgia for the purpose of promoting trade, education and mobility for the population living on both sides of the administrative division…

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Corruption Perception Index

Measures the overall extent ofcorruption (frequency and/or size of corrupt transactions) in the public and political sectors and provides a ranking of countries, that measure perceptions of corruption in at least a few different countries. Corruption Perception Index – 2016

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The Global Competitiveness Index

Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) is defined by the World Economic Forum. It is a set of institutions, policies, and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country, conditions of public institutions and technical conditions. The Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018

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Fraser Institute – Economic Freedom of the World

Fraser Institute provides an overview of the economic freedom of the world. The index of index measures the degree of economic freedom presented in five major areas Fraser Institute – Economic Freedom of the World – 2017

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