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Privacy statement takes its responsibility for handling and safeguarding your data extraordinarily seriously and we exert great care in discharging our responsibilities in this regard. is situated outside the EU, but we nevertheless follow the relevant EU laws on privacy when handling and processing data. The result is that we:

  • Collect personal data only when we have a valid reason for doing so.
  • Solicit your clearly expressed permission to process your data if required.
  • Put in place measures to ensure the security and privacy of your data.
  • Require the same of any third party processing data on our behalf.
  • Allow you to view, alter and remove your data from our records.

The purpose of this document is to describe the extent to which we collate and utilise your personal data, and the reasoning behind that use. You are urged to review it thoroughly. may collect items of data in response to user conduct, including but not limited to registration for updates via our website, registration of a user account, placement of an order or purchase, engagement with our customer relations department, or other functions related to interacting with our website. The data gathered may include personal items, which we use to allow us to provide the requested service.

The categories of data which we gather include but are not limited to - phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, debit or credit details, personal medical information, dates of birth and IP addresses. 


The purpose(s) for which we store/use your data are as follows:

  • Licensing you to access your own account on
  • Account creation, service provision and direct communication with you.
  • Facilitating the online ordering process.
  • Instigating online consultation sessions between the user and a partner doctor.
  • Entitling pharmacies to fulfil and dispatch orders to you. 
  • Verifying your identity (for certain controlled substances)
  • General analysis and improvement of our web service. 
  • Creating a user profile based on your onsite activity to better personalise your service.

Our partner physicians and pharmacy operators work entirely separately from and we accept no liability for any aspect of the products or services they provide. We may collect your personal medical data on their behalf, but this is stored securely and separately from our own systems in such a way that our staff have no access to it. Only the relevant practitioner will have permission to access this data - your privacy is guaranteed.

Information which you share with our customer service representatives voluntarily in the process of resolving a query about the service we provide will be retained as long as reasonably necessary to address your request. 

Our periodic news emails can be opted in to and subsequently unsubscribed from using a single link in the footer of each issue. We reserve the right to use your email address to contact you regarding delays, incidents or developments pertaining to our service.

Your data is not published.

Data transfer outside the EU

In the course of providing the service to you, we may transmit personal data to countries outwith the European Union where the technical infrastructure is arranged in such a necessary way. Using the service you thereby agree to this use. We take the utmost care in ensuring the protection of your data in this case.

Safeguarding of data

We use a range of security techniques to protect your data from unwanted access:

  • Username and password access
  • Separate storage for personal data
  • Physical protection of this storage
  • Compliance with ISO-27002
  • Use of SSL for all web communication

We’ll keep hold of this data for the length of time that your user account remains active. If you fail to log in to your account for an interval of four years in total, we will automatically schedule it for deletion. Alternatively, if more than four years has lapsed since your last order with us we will delete your account. In either case, we will only retain your data beyond this point where we are legally bound to do so, for example in the case of financial data and personal medical information which have separate retention limits in law. 

At your request we will provide with a comprehensive summary of the total data which we hold related to you. In general you can access this data most easily via your account on our website, however if this is not satisfactory you can contact us directly to receive a digital copy. If upon your review of the relevant data you find it to be incomplete, you identify mistakes or there are legal or regulatory issues with its storage or use, we will endeavour to correct or remove the offending items as quickly as reasonably possible. 

You may also direct us to remove or make anonymous any personal data of yours which we hold in its entirety and we will follow your request insofar as the law allows.

Should you wish to exempt the use of your data from being employed in the furtherance of marketing activities or customer profiling, you may raise this objection at any time and we will comply immediately. 

Where you have requested copies of your data, we are obligated to provide it to you in a suitably usable format. For the purposes of such exercises our chosen file format is XML. 

You can withdraw permission for the handling of your data at any time, or the receipt of marketing materials, by contacting Our target response time is a maximum of twenty eight days.

None of the above can be construed by the user to apply to any websites accessed from our own by following hyperlinks or other methods. We are unable to provide any assurances regarding the handling of you personal data by any such party. We would refer you to the privacy notices as set forth on those sites themselves for further information. 

We use cookies on our website for a variety of purposes, comprising a small text file stored on your local machine. Our cookie policy gives full details.

We use web analytics software for the management and improvement of our service, and to establish patterns of use. Our software of choice is Google Analytics. No personally identifiable data is used for this purpose. All IP addresses are anonymised.

The details here contained may commute from time to time. We exhort you to review this page regularly to ensure you are kept abreast of any developments.

If it so happens that you have an issue or complaint with the way that your personal data has been handled, you are of course within your rights to follow that up with the relevant authorities. In the case of we have designated the Dutch privacy regulator as the Authority for Personal Data. This is necessary as we process and handle data across international and territorial boundaries. 

Within our own company we also have a nominated contact to oversee any issues around data and to ensure on a day to day basis we continue to provide excellent service when it comes to data handling and processing. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted at and will  answer any inquiries you have, regarding the contents of this document or other queries about data handling.