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Common questions about online orders

Can I place an order via telephone?

Due to considerations around patient confidentiality, we’re prevented from furnishing a phone ordering service. We can however offer support via phone if you have any difficulty with the application mechanism. 

Is there a limit to the volume of my order?

For most products, the maximum consignment that can be ordered at one time is equal to one quarter's supply of the aforementioned item. Some restricted products, for example mental health medication, may be restricted to 1 month’s supply. 

What do I do if my mailing address changes?

For changes to your place of residence, simply edit the necessary fields when going through the process of enacting your next order, and our automated databases will update to reflect this. If you’re facing any hindrance or have additional queries, then get in touch with customer services. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If your order has been placed via our website, but not yet passed on to the pharmacy, you can cancel with no additional fee. Once your order has reached the pharmacy who will fulfil it, we charge a cancellation fee for any order requiring a prescription. Once an order is out for transport, it is not possible to cancel. For further instruction on the applicable fees contact our customer support colleagues. 

What variants of medication are available from the pharmacies you work with?

We’re able to present a considerable array of medicines through our nexus of partner pharmacies, composed of prescription-only drugs as well as a number of freely available products. All of the products presented on our website are available for order, and will be fulfilled by the corresponding pharmacy, or otherwise we can schedule for their delivery to a named pharmacy of your choosing. Where prescription only medications are requisite, we’d be delighted to expedite this by arranging a meeting with a proficient doctor. If you require any medicine not currently recorded on our website, feel free to let us know by contacting our customer department. We will consider each request on its own merits and meet your needs where possible, although we cannot guarantee the availability or inclusion in our range of any particular product. 

How can I establish that the medicines I order are bona fide?

We take great care in ensuring that we partner with only authenticated medical firms and pharmacies. The products which are sourced and supplied by our partners originate exclusively with official manufacturers of brand name medicines. We do not supply off-brand, or unverified medication, and all the products we do supply have undergone a series of checks to vouch that they attain strict standards of quality and safety. 

You may find that the parcel you receive from our partner pharmacies comes in unbranded or foreign language packaging, which is sometimes the case when they are bulk shipping medication directly to the customer. There’s no need to worry about this, our supply chain is checked and ratified. However, if you would like a method of ratifying your medication independently, you can always notify the original manufacturer directly and quote them the barcode number or serial number.

Will my insurer reimburse me for medicines procured through your website?

We cannot make any guarantees about an individual’s insurance provision, whether or not specific medications would be covered and whether or not the insurance company would indemnify you in any given case. As we function as a vending platform for our matrix of partner pharmacies, in many cases we are aware that insurers or underwriters are unable to accept our documentation in place of invoices. Our advice is always to check with your own insurer regarding your coverage before making a purchase through the website, to avoid any inconvenience or loss.

Will I always receive the same medication?

Where more than one brand name version of a particular medication is available, the one you receive will depend upon the inventory held by the partner pharmacy which processes your order. The imagery on our site is designed purely for illustrative purposes and it is not guaranteed that the item you receive will match the one pictured. Nevertheless, the composition and dosage will be precisely as quoted, with no variation.