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Frequently Asked Questions |FAQs

Why are your items priced higher than high street pharmacies?

In the interests of providing a fair and accessible service to all of our customers we aspire to ensure that our pricing is competitive. When compared to high street pharmacies, you may notice some discrepancy in the pricing, this is due to the fact that we offer an entire price including doctor’s consultation, something which is not inclusive in traditional pharmacies. 

Will I need to see a doctor before ordering?

For non-prescription or over the counter meds there is no need to see or communicate with a doctor. For prescription-only medicines you will need to undergo an online conference with one of our collaborating doctors who will assess your condition and make recommendations on the treatment regimen you require. It is possible in some cases that our partner doctors will be unable to prescribe medication for you based solely on an online discussion, and it may be incumbent upon you to arrange an in-person meeting forthwith.

Can you assure next day distribution?

We make every effort to process, approve, dispense and deliver customer orders as quickly and efficiently as possible, however we are unable to offer a promise that you will receive your consignment within 24 hours. If you have an urgent need for medical intervention you should see a doctor or visit your pharmacist if the commodity you need does not require a written prescription. 

Do I need a prescription to use this service?

As part of our service we offer our users the chance to consult with a fully qualified doctor online who is able to prescribe in the same way as your GP would if you made an appointment on site. There is no need for you to obtain a script in advance of using the service. We also offer a range of uncontrolled products which can be ordered without the need for a consultation. 

Can I upload an existing prescription?

If you have an existing paper prescription we may be able to implement your order - speak to the customer service team for directions on how to send this to us. We may also be able to accept an electronic prescription from your current GPs surgery, again, get in touch for instructions on how to set this up as the process differs from case to case. 

Why can’t I find my usual product?

While we strive to offer a comprehensive assemblage of medicines for all manner of conditions, there may be times when a particular item is unavailable due to fluctuating demand at our companion pharmacies. Where possible we will offer an alternate brand, but in some cases it may not be possible to supply you with the precise drug which has been prescribed for you. In this case we recommend you speak with our customer service team who can advise you on when the merchandise you have requested will be available for order.

Do you provide emergency treatment? is not a substitute for emergency medical provision. If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency it is imperative that you speak with your local emergency center immediately and adhere to their guidelines. In the UK you should call 999 promptly. Outside the UK please use the commensurate mode of contact.

What happens if the doctor doesn’t approve my prescription?

In some cases our networked doctors may need further information from you following the online consultation in order to be confident in providing you with an appropriate prescription. If that should be the case, you may be asked to take part in a spoken interview or answer further queries about your ailment. In rare cases, it may be necessary for you to see a GP yourself.

Can I place an order on behalf of someone else?

It’s not possible to order in place of another buyer unless your order consists only of non-prescription medicines. If you require prescription drugs, these can only be dispensed following deliberation with one of our co-worker doctors. The individual undergoing the consultation must be that for whom the medicine is being designated. This is a legal requirement which applies to all prescription substances whether ordered online or offline. 

Can my husband/wife and I jointly own an account?

The confidential and medical nature of the service which we provide means that each account can only be registered for the use of one holder, so it is not permissible to share an account with a spouse, friend or family member. Doing so would be against our terms of service and may result in the suspension or closure of the account. This convention is adopted and enacted to protect the privacy of our consumer and maintain the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship.

What happens if my medication causes side-effects?

As with any remedy, those which we supply via our website will each come packaged with a list of potential side-effects and recommended actions should any of them occur. As a general rule we urge you to speak to a medical professional if you experience any unusual indications or are at all unwell after taking any new or existing medication. You should not continue with a path which has caused unwanted side effects until you have spoken to, and been advised to, by a certified authority.

What is your returns policy?

Due to legislation we are unable to accept returned or unconsumed medical supplies. If there is a problem with the content of your order, or if you have another reason that you feel unable to accept it or wish to enquire about a refund, you should speak to our customer service team in the first instance who will be able to advise you on the options open to you. 

Can I have my order delivered to my workplace?

Yes, when setting up an account with us you can enter your workplace location as your preferred delivery option, providing that it is capable of receiving shipments during the normal working day, that is, that someone will be thus disposed to provide a signature for any deliveries received. If this is not the case we would recommend using your home address to avoid incurring delays in taking ownership of any medication ordered through our website. 

Do you mail outside the UK?

Whereas we use only UK based doctors and pharmacies to fulfil our clients' orders, we’re unable to offer this service outside of the UK. If you’re looking for a suitable online pharmacy in your non-UK country of origin, we would recommend that you research meticulously to corroborate that the service you choose complies with the relevant laws and restrictions governing the supply, sale and prescription of drugs in your region.

Will you notify my customary GP if I use your service?

We won’t axiomatically inform your general practitioner or other specialist doctor without your consent, although we do invariably advise that all patients should, as a matter of best practice, keep their GP informed as to any treatment or medicament they access elsewhere. If you would like to have your GP notified that you are using you can enter their details during the account setup process, or alternatively speak to our customer team.