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Questions about shipping and delivery

How does order tracking work?

When you place an order on the website, once it is processed you'll receive an email confirming the order. Enclosed you'll find a link to our online tracker - when you click through you’ll be able to scrutinize various items of information about your order. This includes the approval status (whether your order has been signed off by a partner doctor) the dispatch status (whether it has been processed and dispatched by the partner pharmacy) plus, following dispatch, the current location of your package. This may be conditional on the courier service handling your order. Not every service provides location tracking for parcels in transit, however you will be able to ascertain that it has been shipped.

The status of my order is “delivered” but it hasn’t arrived?

If the system indicates the order has been delivered but you've not yet received the package, first check whether a delivery note has been posted by your courier. You will find further instructions there to arrange redelivery. In the event of no communication from them, report the package to them as lost and if necessary also to the bank or finance company that you used for payment. If having trouble please contact our helpline for advice. 

What happens if I’m not in when my order arrives?

The majority of packages dispatched will oblige the recipient to sign at the point of delivery to verify obtainment of the package. If known in advance that you or another resident of your domicile will be unreachable to receive your delivery, the best bet would be to contact the couriers ahead of that point to make backup arrangements. If the delivery is attempted and you are not able to receive it, the driver will usually deposit a card or contact to recommend the options available to you. If they are incapable of contacting you they may return the package to the originating pharmacy, in which case unquestionably liaise with them to establish your options for redelivery, which may incur supplementary charges. 

When will my order be delivered?

We’re able to achieve same-day forwarding to our partner physicians for any orders placed on our website pre 9am between Monday and Friday. After 9am the orders received will be forwarded to a doctor on the next working day. Once received by a partner doctor, prescription requests will be inspected and, if endorsed, forwarded to a partner pharmacy to be processed, before being shipped to your address. In total, the process from receiving your order and your payment being successfully processed to shipment of the order takes between one and three working days. 

How are orders packaged?

Each of our orders is dispensed and shipped from one of our partner pharmacies, so there may be some disparity in the exact packaging used. However, we do unceasingly encourage all of our partners to ensure that orders are sent for delivery in discreet, neutral wrapping to protect the privacy of our customers and reduce the risk of fraud or theft.

Some orders may include statements or certification attached to the package in order to conform with local laws regarding the delivery of medication or related substances - in each case our partner pharmacy owners will observe the relevant edicts or statutes. 

How much do you charge for shipping?

We unremittingly aim to provide the most economic and efficient delivery options for our shoppers. Costs may vary based on a number of characteristics, including the dimensions and weight of the order, as well as the location or delivery preferences. Review the shipping options thoroughly before placing your order and make preliminary contact with the customer service department if you have any queries about the cost of shipping on a specified order.