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Australian Erectile Dysfunction and Male enhancement info

Top Causes of Male Infertility and Their Most Effective Treatments

It’s estimated up to a twentieth percentile of lovey dovey couples are rendered infertile, fingers pointed frequently at the male. Whilst obviously not affecting all couples, this problem can be hugely debilitating when trying to conceive a child naturally. Frustration and even relationship breakdown can be a consequence of infertility, with some infertile couples remaining childless for their lifetime. 

Do You Worry You’ve Got Low Testosterone? Here’s What to Look Out For

Commonly dubbed the ‘male sexual hormone’ testosterone is at its peak in men during the latter years of adolescence and their twenties. Due to this, most people assume testosterone doesn't start to deplete until older age – but this can sometimes begin early before a man is 30. 

How Less Common STDs Could be Causing Irreparable Damage to Your Health

It’s not clandestine, how quickly sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs or Is) are proliferating in the Western world. With cases much higher than ever before, particularly among young people, being in-the-know and fathoming the symptoms and risks is compelling. 

The Hidden Causes, Symptoms and Dangers of Untreated Painful Erections

Labeled a relatively uncommon set up, excruciatingly elongated erections can be debilitating and somewhat dangerous. Professionally know as priapism, this problem typically involves an erection that can last for up to a few hours (or even longer), and isn't resultant of sexual stimulation. Because of this, priapism is often agonizing and traumatic. 

All You Need to Know About the Causes & Symptoms of Today’s Common STDs

With statistics now showing a shocking 1 in 2 people will contract at least one sexually transmitted disease (STD) before reaching the tender age of just 25, it’s pretty obvious these sex infections are more prevalent than ever. As so many STD’s involve very few signs, identifying whether you actually have one in the first place can be difficult.

Why Anxiety Could be Ruining Your Sex Life, And What You Can Do About it

Adjudged one of the most common mental issues nationwide, anxiety can desolate and devastate not only your day-to-day activities – but your sex life too. From a mountainous lack in bolstering to feeling worried about performance, feeling anxious about sex can affect both men and women in equal measure. 

Struggling to Orgasm? Here’s Some Ultimate Climax Advice for Women

Did you know orgasm dysfunction affects up to a monumental 40% of females? Whether you’ve never achieved the big O in your existence or have successfully had orgasms prior but are now finding it difficult, there’s a profusion of reasons why there may be hurdles. 

The Most Effective, Fool-Proof Methods of Avoiding UTIs After Sex for Good

If you’ve ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI), you’ll know how disagreeable and betimes downright unbearable they are. Whilst these infections can impact anyone, women are theoretically more prone or liable – especially after sex. The rumor of how important passing urine postcoitus is can be taken flippantly by females, but you’ll understand how crucial it is after reading this.

Natural Methods of Treating Premature Ejaculation – With No Medication

If you have premature ejaculation (PE), you’re not alone. A relatively conventional problem that affects many men worldwide, PE is customarily identified officially if you climax within two minutes of sexual intercourse – or before exertion has even begun. Whilst many medications are disposable for treating this unwelcome hitch, including SSRIs like Zoloft(C) and Prozac(C), some modestly don’t want to take quotidian allotments.

Discover the Best Male Enhancement Treatments to Boost Size & Confidence

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your penis size, depend upon the assurance you’re not alone in this endeavor. An unforeseen contingent of men feel their manhood is too small. Many feel anxious or concerned about their sexual performance in perpetuity, regardless if they have progeny to show for their efforts. 

All Those Important Questions About the Menopause You Want Answered

A hormonal process every woman will experience at some point, menopause is defined as the end of feminine fertility. An entirely natural process that should never be associated with the words "disaster" or "destructive," still, menopausal symptoms sometimes cause distress, confusion, and heartache.

Why Lasting Forever in The Bedroom May Not Always Be a Good Thing

With bedroom performance, most men strive to last as long as possible. Fittingly associated with satisfying a partner on a greater plane, lasting an impressive amount of time before climaxing is something men like to brag about, especially. However, if you're in a phaze where it's incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to ejaculate during penetrative sex, this is likely to be a sign of a deeper sexual problem. 

Why You Should Never Be Embarrassed About Treating Your Vaginal Dryness

Almost guaranteed to be more proliferous than you think, vaginal dryness is an incredibly prevalent environment that affects 1 in 3 women on average – and is often considered more frequent in women who’ve undergone menopause. Despite its commonplace occurrence, this problem habitually embarrasses many females who suffer. But it really shouldn’t! 

Ever Climaxed During Sex Without Ejaculating? Here’s All You Need to Know

Often labeled a relatively uncommon problem, orgasming without ejaculating fluid may appear like a worrying estate – but it actually poses no severe physical threat to health or sexual pleasure whatsoever. Known as retrograde ejaculation or more casually a ‘dry orgasm’, this mode involves semen that would normally be released from the penis during climax entering the bladder instead.

Could Antidepressants Be the Ultimate Solution for Premature Ejaculation?

With premature ejaculation (PE) affecting plenitudes of men of multiple ages across the globe, finding a panacea is not only important for the actualization and general sexual satisfaction for the sufferer – but for their partner too. Whilst many treatment probabilities are available for this condition, one in particular has gained a lot of attention. The use of antidepressant medication for PE is ever more optional – but some still question the validity of this method and whether the positives outweigh the negatives. 

Identify the Possible Reasons Why You Prematurely Ejaculate During Sex

Vexing, irksome problems for many men, premature ejaculation (PE) incidents are probably more common than expectation dictates. Qualifying interludes comprise ejaculating either just after penetration or before it even begins. No authoritarian definition is extant for how long sex should or shouldn’t last, but ejaculation is typically considered ‘too soon’ if less than two minutes post-commencement.

The Most Common Causes of Low Libido in Women – And How to Fix It

Often hailed as relatively complicated, constant lack of sex impetus and libido in women can occur due to myriad justifications. Female sexual desire naturally changes as time goes by. There’s a variety of potential causes – some of which may be unanticipated ! So, if you’ve been experiencing depleted libido and want to do something about it, take a look at some most prosaic causes and preventions below.

The Surprising Causes of Reduced Testosterone & Low Libido in Men

Common in both men and women, low sex drive quite literally means just that – decline in being interested in sexual intercourse or other related couple activities. Many life events cause a temporary loss of desire, but it can become debilitating if ongoing. Commonly causing vigorous disgruntlement, ample relationship problems may arise if your drive isn’t identical to your partner’s, with one or both incomplete or deficient. 

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction with No ED Medication or Side Effects

Does the title of this article seem like an utter impossibility? Read more for illumination! A commonplace condition that affects many men on a global scale, erectile dysfunction (ED) is still stigmatized as being an embarrassment. However, admitting this issue and doing something about it isn’t the only method of treatment. Innumerable ways exist of preventing this problem from even popping up (no pun intended, of course) in the first place, and we're not just talking about turning to druggists.

Suffering with Erectile Dysfunction? Discover the Most Successful Treatments

Erectile dysfunction (ED) means being unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse or other recreational diversions. Whilst men will experience a level of ED at some stage, it can cause serious problems if consistent. From causing issues within intrapersonals and interpersonals, to a perturbing absenteeism of self-assuredness, this can be exacerbatingly mortifying for the sufferer—even though it doesn’t need to be. Don't overthink it.

Is depression causing you to suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Let’s face facts: life can be tough. In fact, at times, a slog! A number of outrageous circumstances may be at play. Whether work is hard, you're restrained financially, reconciling an estrangement, confronting a bereavement, or arguing with your compatriot, there are thousands of justifications for being down in the dumps - only more unpleasant if suffering from ED.